Boxes in Action

December 2021

Description: Schools of Medicine, Nursing, AHEC –> Students and faculty created 100 air purifiers 10-20 featured photos, donated to West Hartford Elementary Schools Cafeterias, part of the initial pilot program

  • male student carrying DIY air filter photo

February 2022

Description: School of Engineering, ENG1166 – second semester freshman students, incorporated into curriculum, 100 air purifiers, 8 to Hartford Public Library, 96 to Coventry Publish Schools; funded by the UConn School of Engineering and Petit Family Foundation Haley’s Hope and Michaela’s Miracle MS Memorial fund $10,000 grant

  • student standing aside air filter

March 2022

Description: School of Nursing, another 100 air purifiers created and donated to Coventry Public Schools, later the pilot program for qualitative surveys

  • a display of air filters

April 2022

Description: School of Medicine and AHEC (Area Health Education Center) create another 100 air purifiers, donated to The Village, Houses of Worship, CCMC Asthma Program

  • students preparing air filters

September 2022

Description: First Community Event at the Noah Webster Microsociety Magnet School, Hartford Public Schools – Dr. Kristina Wagstrom and Marina Creed taught 5th graders about air pollution, climate change, and how to create Corsi Rosenthal Boxes. Creed personally delivered a purifier decorated as the White House

  • Marina Creed, APRN, right, helps 5th-graders at Noah Webster MicroSociety Magnet School in Hartford, and their teacher Mary LaFountain, build an air purifier on Sept. 8, 2022. The finished purifier, called "Air Force One" will be delivered to the White House in Washington D.C. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

September 2022

Description: Marina Creed delivers Air Force One to While House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy alongside Dr. Kimberly Prather, UCSD and Scripps Institute of Oceanography 

December 2022

Description: Creed and Dr. Zamora held a community event teaching 2nd Grade Girl Scout Brownie Troop 10488 about air pollution and how to make CR boxes

  • girl scout troop photo