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Fox 61 UConn Distribution of Air Filters

UConn health distribute air purifiers amid smoky skies (10 pm)- Misty Levy -Zamora, Marina Creed

Bad air quality in CT (5, 6, 10, 11 PM)

UConn Health giving out air filters (4:30, 7:30 and 8:30 AM)

WFSB UConn Health Distribution of Air Filters

Protecting yourself from smoke (5, 6, 7 PM)

Leftover  (Air Filters being Handed out at UConn Health  (7 AM)

NBC CT (6PM and 11 PM)– UCH

UConn Health air filters

Wildfire Smoke Impact on Pets Misti Levy -Zamora

CBS Newspath (June 9-10 syndicated nationally airing on 50+ local CBS news stations)
UConn Indoor Air Quality Initiative Gives Away DIY Air Filters & How-to Build Your Own Device – Marina Creed, APRN



Brian and Company w Marina Creed — September 15, 2022

Marina Creed, a neuroimmunology nurse practitioner in the UConn Health Multiple Sclerosis Center. Re: UConn students built an air purifier out of furnace filters, a fan and duct tape and it traps COVID-19 virus

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