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UConn students built an air purifier — Here’s how they did it

A fifth-grade class at Noah Webster MicroSociety Magnet School will be building do-it-yourself air filters out of furnace filters, a box fan and its box. The finished product will be taken to the Whitehouse in Washington D.C. to be presented by Marina A. Creed, a family nurse practitioner, UConn Health. One was presented to the Office of Science and Technology Policy for the White House on Sept. 9, 2022.

Take four air filters, like you use in your furnace. Tape them together so they form a cube.

Buy a box fan of the same size — 20 by 20 inches — and attach it to the top of the cube. Don’t throw away the box but use one side of it as the bottom of the cube, the other on top of the fan with a hole cut in the round shape of turning fan blades.

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